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Poltrona Frau Qatar receives Safety Award at the Hamad International Airport

Today, 17th September 2015, Poltrona Frau Qatar was recognized by Hamad International Airport, NDIA and Parsons Transportation Group for achieving 135,000 manhours worked without a Lost Time Accident.

The awarding ceremony was attended by Poltrona Frau Qatar Team, NDIA and Parsons Representatives.

The award from HIA, NDIA and Parsons was the result of outstanding teamwork and safety leadership at the recently completed CP112 Museum Shop and Cafe Project located at the Hamad International Airport.

Tony Carrie, Poltrona Frau Qatar's HSE Manager, said, "A great and a major achievement of PFQ, this only means that Safety in the company is taken as high priority. Thanking everyone for this, it would not have been achieved without the cooperation and hard work of every individual (staff and Sub contractors)."

Well done to the team!


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