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Qatar National Library opens to the public.

Images Courtesy of Qatar Foundation

Poltrona Frau Qatar is proud to have played an absolutely key role in ensuring the completion of the Qatar National Library.

As the main fit out contractor, the team within Poltrona Frau Qatar had been working tirelessly to ensure that the Qatar National Library was finished to the highest level that will make any national and resident of Qatar proud to have this building.

Images Courtesy of Qatar Foundation

From the stones and museum showcases within the Heritage Collection to all the general shelving stacks, compact archiving system and custom made fixed furnitures within the library. Absolute duty of care was taken to ensure that every detail Poltrona Frau Qatar produced within the building was executed to perfection.

On the exterior of the building Poltrona Frau Qatar were solely responsible for 22,000 sqm of landscaping stone works.

We are truly thankful to have been given the opportunity to be involved in this project, and would like to thank all parties who have assisted in helping us in this process.

For More amazing images of Qatar National Library please visit Nick Gutteridge's Website


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