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Poltrona Frau Group (PFG) is conveniently accessible anywhere in the world.

The Contract Division has over 85 managerial staff worldwide: The team consists of Business Developers, Project Managers, Draftsmen, Engineers, Production Supervisors and Custom Services Assistants. The Contract Division is supported by 448 production, 25 quality control and 57 R&D/ Engineering staff from the group.


PFG collaborates with architects and designers from around the world, interoperating their creativity concepts while respecting functionality and budget requirements. PFG enjoys a reputation for exceeding all design solution expectations. With PFG’s diverse talents and vast array of expertise, all phases of the interior design and development are entrusted to our management team, saving time and money, as well as ensuring a finished project of the highest quality.


On an international scale, PFG is able to procure any product or manufacturing services in the world, as well as having knowledge of all international regulations and requirements. Our team is a distinctive blend of professionals, empowering the success of our ideal one-stop design solution.


Poltrona Frau Group (PFG) is conveniently accessible anywhere in the world with offices in New York, Paris, London, Doha, Hong Kong and Dubai. 



Visit Poltrona Frau Group Contract Division International Website



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