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Interior Design


Poltrona Frau Qatar has expanded its expertise into research, design and development, which go far beyond the  supply of furniture.  To complement our turnkey services, we have been working with designers from all over the world for the past 12+ years to develop special furnishings with the expert use of innovative materials and technologies.


In addition, Poltrona Frau Qatar employs  in-house interior designers and design developers with skills acquired on a 360-degree basis.  We combine 2D and 3D CAD work with hand drawings to produce fully coordinated working drawings for both in-house fabrication and site integration. 





Coordination Advantages

We do not only draw what we manufacture but also coordinate all of our trades and artisans, including MEP services, Audio Visual, Special Systems and other specialists to produce a seamless integration of all components in the workshop and on site.



This in-house service not only allows the architects and designers we work with to minimalize their own drawing requirements and expedite site activities, but also enables us to identify essential coordination and integration components, allowing us to meet our stringent project deadlines.


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